Recipe: Boerenkool met worst (Dutch)

Boerenkool met worst = Kale with kielbasa

Recently I visited the Netherlands for a job interview/trial for a nannying position. I’ve been to the Netherlands a number of times, but I can’t actually remember eating traditional dutch food! After doing a bit of research I’ve come to the conclusion that all dutch food consists of the culinary trinity – meat, vegetables and potato.

While I was there, the wonderful family I was with (that I’ve since accepted a job with!) made me something very dutch – Stamppot, which literally translates to ‘Stomped pot”. Basically, Stamppot can have anything thrown into it along with the mashed potatoes and that’s pretty much what they do there. This dish they made me was ‘boerenkool’ (kale) and potaotes with a side of kielbasa (sausage).

The meat is either served on top, on the side or cut into small pieces and mixed in. If the choice of protein generates any type of pan juice or jus, it will be served in a small hollow made on top of the mashed potato dish, similar to a gravy.

I loved it so much! it was delicious!


3 bunches of kale 6 large potatoes 3 tablespoons of butter 1/2 cup of milk, warmed 1 smoked kielbasa Salt Black pepper Cut the leaves off the stems and slice the leaves into narrow strips, then chop them into small pieces. Peel the potatoes, quarter them and put them in a Dutch oven. Add water to barely cover the potatoes, then put the kale on top, and add the kielbasa whole, but without the packaging. The amount of kale will look enormous compared to the potatoes, but the heat will wilt the leaves and reduce in volume significantly. Cover the pot with a lid and bring to a boil. Boil on a low flame for about 20 minutes or until the potatoes are done. Remove the kielbasa, pour off any cooking liquid that may remain and mash the vegetables with a fork or a potato masher. Add the butter and the milk (or for a less caloric version, add the cooking liquid back in) and stir the whole into a creamy consistency. Taste, and adjust with salt and black pepper. Slice the kielbasa into even sized slices, and place it on top of the stamppot. Serve with mustard if desired.


By Gidget ‘Gigi’ Gallaher



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