12 Things I Learnt in Scandinavia in January 2015

1. English may as well be an official language.

2. ‘Hey’ isn’t them being super friendly and casual with you – ‘Hej’ is just how they say hello.

3. As a tourist, you will never have enough money there…especially if you drink…or even eat for that matter.

4. You shouldn’t go out walking in the woods alone in -38 degrees in the few hours of sunshine they have in the winter. You may get lost and caught in a blizzard and presume you are going to die by coming face to face with an angry moose or wolf and/or falling over in the snow and freezing to death.

5. -38 degrees is really REALLY cold.

6. You shouldn’t use any skincare products containing water. These will soak into your face and your skin will freeze!

7. Scandinavians tell it like it is. No bullshitting. Why aren’t more people like this?

8. Reindeer and moose are regular menu items. Who likes chicken and beef anyway?

9. Catch public transport. It’s well-structured, affordable, comfortable and most of the time there’s free wifi.

10. They’re all massive greenies. Don’t you dare put your milk carton into the paper recycling bin or there will be trouble.

11. Norway, Sweden and Denmark all pretend to hate each other but they don’t really. Kinda like Aussies and Kiwis?

12. The most attractive people in the world really are Scandinavian.

By Gidget ‘Gigi’ Gallaher


2 thoughts on “12 Things I Learnt in Scandinavia in January 2015

  1. Haha, I loved this post and couldn’t agree more! I’m from Sweden and love my country. It’s one to be proud of, even despite the really REALLY cold weather that freezes your face and your nostrils when you breath in.

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  2. Thanks! I was in Kiruna for a few days in January and went to Abisko National Park for a Northern Lights trip. (I saw the lights – they were amazing!) When I got off the plane in Kiruna it was -37 degrees on the sign and then dropped down another degree as I was driving up to Abisko. I’ve never felt anything like that! I’m from Australia in general, I love the European winter… but that was too much for me! haha


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